Fortifying and Conditioning Spray

164 lei


  • Restructures hair fibers damaged by chemical or physical aggressors
  • Reduces electrification of hair
  • Makes hair soft, shiny and refreshed




This revitalising spray is designed for gentle hair and scalp care. It is soothing, anti-itch, moisturizing and refreshes the scalp. It eliminates stress caused by external environmental factors, chlorinated water, certain cosmetic products and treatments based on aggressive components. The spray contains menthol, hydrolyzed silk, nucleoids, fruit acid complex.

How to use: shake before use, apply to scalp and hair as a final step of hair care, after using shampoo, balm or a mask. Apply all over the scalp. Do not rinse. Can be used after using treatments that have caused itching, in which case apply 30 minutes afterwards.


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