DSD de Luxe Triple Action Conditioner

118 lei


  • Improves and restores hair structure
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Softens the scalp
  • Adds elasticity, makes hair soft without weighing it down
  • Recommended for brittle and damaged hair




The triple effect conditioner simultaneously improves hair structure, stimulates growth and has a beneficial effect on the scalp. Shea oil, hydrolyzed collagen, keratin, aloe vera, and a high concentration of panthenol are the components that synergistically help achieve these results. As a growth stimulator the conditioner has a protein-mineral complex which is complemented with zinc, iron, silicon, magnesium. A vitamin complex is also present: A,C,E,PP, panthenol, riboflavin, biotin, inositol, thiamine, pyridoxine, nikotinamide.

How to use: Apply conditioner to damp hair and scalp. Massage gently and leave for 5-10 minutes, regardless of the level of damage. Afterwards rinse thoroughly.


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