DSD de Luxe Keratin Lotion

192 lei


  • Activates microcirculation and nourishes hair
  • Improves, restructures and thickens hair
  • Effectively enhances keratin quality in hair from the roots
  • Indicated for strengthening fine and breakage-prone hair




Revitalizing Lotion with Keratin is a double effect product. It stimulates hair growth and revitalises existing hair strands at the same time. The lotion contains a complex of hair growth stimulants based on placenta protein, vasodilating components, cayenne pepper extract, caffeine, B vitamins, yeast extract. Benefits the scalp, which is prone to seborrheic dermatitis, eliminates seborrhea, has antiseptic effect due to the synergy of salicylic acid and resortin.

How to use: Shake before use. Apply 2-4ml of lotion to wet or dry scalp and hair. Massage gently. Comb through hair. Do not rinse. For treatment we recommend use for 4 months.


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