Delivery and payment

Delivery, Payment and Return

Terms and conditions for online selling

This document is subject to Emergency Ordinance no. 130/2000 on the protection of consumers at the conclusion and execution of distance contracts – Republished and represents the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as T.C.) of the distance sale contract proposed by SKINMED CENTER S.R.L., a contract that must be accepted by any possible Client before creating an account or ordering any product from the site. Any order confirmed by him, by pressing the button “Complete the Order” represents a manifestation of the Client of acceptance of T.C. and of the offer of SKINMED CENTER S.R.L. under the conditions stipulated by art. 9 of the Law on electronic commerce 365/2002. The click on the “Confirm Order” button is an electronic signature, within the meaning of article 3 point 10 of the EU Regulation 910/2014, having the same value as a handwritten signature.

  1. Definitions

SKINMEDSHOP is a division of SKINMED CENTER S.R.L. headquartered in Bucharest, Calea Dudesti nr. 188, bl. B, et. 15, ap. 119, sector 3 and working point in Bucharest, Alba Iulia Square no. 2, Section 1, Bl I1, Sector 3 Fiscal Code: RO33306791, registered in the Trade Register J40 / 7446/2014, phone: (+40)786-356-361, e-mail: manages the website In this contract, SKINMEDSHOP has the quality of trader.

Customer: natural or legal person who makes an order on the SKINMEDSHOP website. The minimum age to be a customer is 18 years.
Order: the purchase order of one or more products displayed on the SKINMEDSHOP website, made by a customer who wants that product to be delivered to the recipient’s address.
Distance contract – the contract for the supply of products concluded between a trader and a consumer, within a sales system organized by the trader, which uses exclusively, before and when concluding this contract, one or more distance communication techniques;
Recipient: natural or legal person in the name and address that the delivery of the products ordered on the SKINMEDSHOP website will be made.
Product: any product that can be purchased by a customer through the SKINMEDSHOP website
User: the natural person who makes an account on SKINMEDSHOP.
Visitor: any person who visits the SKINMEDSHOP website without placing an order.

  1. Object and acceptance of this sales contract

This Sales Contract is applicable to all orders made through SKINMEDSHOP. The customer undertakes to be aware of these conditions before making an order. All orders imply acceptance of all these VAT by the customer. The acceptance of this contract by the client is made by pressing the “Complete Order” button.
SKINMEDSHOP reserves the right to modify this sales contract at any time. The version applicable to an order made is that in force on SKINMEDSHOP at the time when the order was placed by the customer.

  1. Products displayed on skinmedshoponline website and their availability

The photos of the products displayed in SKINMEDSHOP are informative, but SKINMEDSHOP makes every effort for the ordered products to look exactly like those presented online. The images may seem different strictly in terms of brightness or models of electronic devices through which the images of the products are observed.

SKINMEDSHOP informs that the products for distance selling belong to other manufacturers or suppliers. They have trademark rights over the name of the products and made available that you are obliged not to violate. They are also responsible for the images or technical details of the products supplied.

Regarding the availability and price of the displayed products, skinmedshop offer is valid as long as it is displayed on the SKINMEDSHOP will fulfill its contractual obligations within a maximum of 30 working days from the date on which the customer sent the order.

  1. Price of products

The prices for the online sale of the products on the site expressed in LEI, include VAT (any change in the applicable VAT rate will be automatically applied to the price of the products sold on the site) and are those in force at the time of placing the Order by the Client. The selling price of the products can be changed by SKINMEDSHOP at any time, but in no case can the price be changed after placing the order, unilaterally. These prices do not include shipping costs, unless expressly stated on the product page this. Delivery expenses will be mentioned separately before the order is completed.

The prices presented are valid until their revocation, once they are delisted from the public website. In the case of an offer expressed through an express period of validity of a certain price, this aspect will be clearly specified on the page of the respective product.

SKINMEDSHOP can award different types of discounts. In the case of a discount code, it can only be used once, unless multiple use is expressly provided for. If in the latter case an abuse is found, SKINMEDSHOP has the right to refuse the use of the discount code.

  1. Product warranty

The persons who have the quality of consumers of the products sold on the SKINMEDSHOP website benefit from all the rights provided by the laws in force at the time of the order regarding the conformity of the products and the guarantee for vices, as well as from any other legal rights, according to Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them and O.G. nr. 21/1992 on the protection of consumers, as well as any other legal provisions that will be in force on the date of the order. Also, the products bought through this site can benefit from the commercial warranty of the manufacturer. Thus, if applicable, each product will be accompanied by the manufacturer’s warranty certificate. SKINMEDSHOP is not directly responsible for the warranty services that are offered and so it will be the responsibility of the one who offers this guarantee.

In the case of products that benefit from a commercial guarantee, the Commercial Guarantee Certificate is sent in the package together with the product.

  1. Method of payment for the products

Payment for purchases through the site and orders in the call center will be made only in LEI.

For purchases through the site, the price, the method and the payment term are specified each time the Customer completes the order.

For a proper verification of all the details of the order, when the order is completed, SKINMEDSHOP recommends customers to check the products entered in the shopping cart and their price.

Payment for the products can be made:

  1. a) CASH, on delivery. On the day of delivery, the Customer will receive an SMS from the courier who makes the delivery in order to inform him about the receipt of the ordered product. If the Client is not available on that day, the delivery can be rescheduled;
  2. b) ONLINE, by using the online payment service, the payment being sent directly for processing. No bank comisone will be charged.

By entering the data from the card, the customer confirms that he has been informed and that he accepts the terms and conditions of use of the service and agrees that the data will be used for future transactions.

By accepting the terms and conditions of the, the client expresses his/her consent to the processing of personal data.

When placing the order, its value will be blocked in the Client’s account for the purpose of making the payment. The card will be charged according to banking regulations. In any situation, the safety of transactions for online card payment is guaranteed. SKINMEDSHOP does not operate data about the customer’s card through which he makes the payment. These data will be operated only by the institution that authorizes the payment or by any other entity authorized to provide services for keeping the identification data on the card.

  1. Method of delivery of the products

SKINMEDSHOP delivers the products throughout Romania only through TOYA CURIER. Orders are delivered, as a rule, in 2-3 working days from the moment of completing the order (in the case of cash payment, on delivery) or from the moment of payment of the price (in the case of online payment). The delivery time of the parcel may vary from this interval depending on the availability of the product in stock. The shipping and reimbursement costs will be borne by the Client unless the value of the order reaches or exceeds the threshold of 200 lei, in which case SKINMEDSHOP bears the transport costs. The amount specified on the invoice represents the final cost to be paid by the Client.

If a Customer has placed an order and has not received the confirmation email, he is asked to phone us to fix a possible problem with the order.

SKINMEDSHOP is not responsible for defects in products arising from handling or transport by the courier.

The Client’s order will be canceled and will be returned to SKINMED CENTER if the phone number / delivery address / provided / e is erroneous / a or incomplete / and the courier could not contact the Customer in order to deliver the Package;

In any case, the order will be refilled only if the Customer requests this at [.], indicating the wrongly mentioned element in the order and will accept to pay the value of the new shipment regardless of the value of the launched order.

The products will remain the property of SKINMEDSHOP until the full collection of their price by SKINMEDSHOP.

  1. Order cancellation

Any order can be canceled before receiving the proof of completion of the order by email. The client must contact us immediately at:

Phone: (+40) 786-356-361


SKINMEDSHOP reserves the right not to take over the order /orders of the persons on whose account at least one order is registered whose delivery could not be completed.

  1. Correct errors in the command

Any errors occurred at the order made by the customer can be corrected until the order is completed, when the confirmation is received by email with the message COMPLETED ORDER. The client must contact us immediately at:

Phone: (+40) 786-356-361


  1. Account registered on the SKINMEDSHOP website

Registration on the SKINMEDSHOP website is free of charge. Clients’ access to certain services and information within the site (such as stock re-recall services or wishlist) is allowed only to registered users who agree to these terms and conditions.

The access to each Client’s account is protected by a unique password. We recommend clients not to disclose this password to anyone. SKINMEDSHOP will never ask for the password of the accounts in messages by e-mail or phone. We advise Clients not to disclose this password to persons who would possibly ask them to do so.

SKINMEDSHOP makes every effort to ensure the security of the information transmitted by the Clients but cannot guarantee a full protection. That is why we warn the Clients that any information sent to SKINMEDSHOP will be made at the Client’s risk.

SKINMEDSHOP may, without prior notice or formality and without this requiring explanation of its attitude, suspend or block a Client’s access to the content of the site or to a part of this content if an abusive attitude of the client is identified.

Any unauthorized access to the non-public elements of the SKINMEDSHOP site represents the offense of access without right to an information system and will be sanctioned according to the Romanian legislation in force.

  1. Copyright

The content of the SKINMEDSHOP site, with reference to images, texts, graphics, symbols, graphics elements, programs and other original works – is the property of SKINMED CENTER and its suppliers and is defended by the law of copyright and related rights. The use without SKINMEDSHOP’s consent of any of the elements listed above or other original works is punishable according to the laws in force.

SKINMEDSHOP offers the user a limited access, for personal interest, on this site and does not give him the right to partially or fully modify the site, to partially or fully reproduce the site, to copy, to sell / resell or to exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the SKINMEDSHOP site, without the written consent of its owner.

To notify us of any violation of copyright law, you can contact us at

We also underline the fact that SKINMED is a trademark registered under the OSIM 160784 number.

  1. Force majeure

SKINMEDSHOP, its partners or users cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the performance of contractual obligations resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on the will of SKINMEDSHOP. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: possible operating errors, lack of operation of internet / telephone connection, errors in the operation of technical equipment from SKINMEDSHOP, computer viruses, unauthorized access to SKINMEDSHOP systems, strike, etc.

  1. Other provisions
  2. a) Links to other sites

SKINMEDSHOP is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of the sites that are reached through links on this site (links of a commercial or advertising nature). The responsibility for these sites lies entirely with their owners.

  1. b) Changes to the site

SKINMEDSHOP reserves the right to make changes at any time in the content of this site. Skinmedshop also reserves the right to restrict the access of some Users to a part or to the entire content.

  1. c) Personal data and Security

SKINMED CENTER processes personal data through this site. Details regarding this processing can be found in the GDPR policy that can be observed by accessing this link.

  1. Modification of terms

SKINMEDSHOP reserves the right to change T.C.’s presences without fulfilling any other formalities. When they change, SKINMEDSHOP will notify Customers and Users, by publishing on the first page of the site, a link referring to the new form of this document. The access to the site and the use of skinmedshop services after the moment of notification or display of the link regarding the changes on the first page of the site implies that the Client has given his consent to the new terms that will produce effects only to the sales made after these changes.

  1. Solving any problems

Any dispute that has as object this agreement will be settled amicably and if this procedure will not be solved within 15 days, the dispute will be brought for settlement before the competent courts at the working point of SKINMED CENTER S.R.L.
The European Commission also provides an ODR platform for alternatively resolving disputes regarding the resolution of problems related to distance contracts outside the courts of law. The ODR platform is available la

  1. Applicable law

This contract is available only in Romanian. The rights and obligations of the parties, imposed by the present T.C., as well as all the legal effects that this agreement produces, shall be interpreted and governed by the Romanian law in force.


Return and refund policy

Emergency Ordinance no. Regulation (EC) No 34/2014 regulates consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, in order to ensure a high level of consumer protection and a well-functioning market. Because SKINMED CENTER gives a special respect to your rights, it provides you with this RETURN POLICY.

According to art. 9 of the Emergency Ordinance, you have the right, within 14 calendar days from the receipt of all the purchased products, to return them, without penalties and without invoking any reason. Since it regulates the rights arising from a distance contract, the period of 14 calendar days is a respite that allows you to analyse the product and not to use it free of charge. According to art. 16 lit. e of Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, are exempted from the right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 9 to 15 in respect of distance contracts and contracts outside the commercial premises, the supply of sealed products that cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer. Therefore, the products can only be returned if they are in the same condition as we delivered them to you, including the packaging. Therefore, please note that the products that are tested/ tried, that have the packaging unfolded or unsealed, that have any kind of physical modification (scratches, blows, etc.) are NOT accepted for return. We send you the product in the form in which it came from the manufacturer (with / without seal), but during the procedure of verification for return it will be analyzed if the products have undergone changes and, if so, the return will not be accepted. These products will be returned to you by courier with cash on delivery.

If, however, the product has not undergone any physical changes and you wish to return it, please follow the following steps:

Step 1) Inform us of your intention to return the purchased product in the following ways:

  • by filling in the return form and attaching it to an email at the address; or through your account. online – “Return Products” option
  • by phone, at the number 0769996648, and our colleagues will inform you about the steps you need to follow;
  • by an email with the subject “Return request”, informing us of the return request of the product you consider non-compliant. For identification, we will need the full and correct name, the e-mail address used to register the account, the order number/ number and the date of the invoice.

It is very important to know if you want to replace the product with another one in stock or if you want us to return the value of the product to you.

If the application meets the mandatory conditions of application for the purchased products, within maximum 48 hours you will be contacted either by e-mail or by phone, in order to confirm the return procedure.

Step 2) Ask the courier to pick up the package or bring it personally to our premises?

If you have reached this step, please contact the courier service provider in order to pick up the package. According to the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in distance contracts, you will bear the transport costs. We emphasize that the parcels sent with the payment of the transport to SKINMED SHOPONLINE will be refused.

The package will contain the product you want to return, properly packaged, so as not to deteriorate during transport, in a perfectly closed package with adhesive tape. The return is made with the initial labels intact, the original warranty certificate (if it was issued by the manufacturer / distributor) and all the documents with which the product was delivered. The product must be in the same condition as it was delivered and accompanied by the accessories/gifts with which it was delivered, and if you bought several products of the same kind and want to return them all, make sure that only one has been unsealed. The return of the other products is accepted only if they are sealed. Attach to the package the completed and signed return request.

Our partners at TOYA CURIER can be contacted to pick up the package at the 0758888660 number or 0359808888. Returns made by Romanian Post or other courier are not accepted.

Step 3) Picking up the package

You will be contacted by the courier on the same day or the next day to ship the package. You will have to pay the value of the shipment and send the parcel to the following address:

Bucharest, Alba-Iulia Square, No. 2, Section 1, Bl I1, Sector 3
Contact number: 0769996648

If you choose to return the package personally, we are waiting for you at our address mentioned above, without undue delay and within 14 days from the date on which you communicated to us your decision to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Article 11. The deadline is met if the products are sent back by you before the expiry of the 14 calendar day period.

Step 4) Quantitative and qualitative reception of returned products

Once the parcel reaches us, it will be analyzed by the staff responsible for the quantitative and qualitative reception of the returned products. We assure you that this process will meet all the rigors of the law, verifying that the returned product meets the return conditions listed above. We will contact you by phone or email, in order to inform you of the result of the reception process, within 48 hours of receiving the product. If these conditions are not met, the returned product will be redispatched to you, the cost of transport being your responsibility.

Step 5) We refund your money or replace your product

If you have opted for a refund and the product you returned meets the conditions for return, we will refund you any amount we have received from you, including the costs of delivery, except for additional costs caused by the fact that you have chosen a method of delivery other than the type of standard delivery offered by us, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will make this refund using the same method of payment as used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed to another refund method; in any case, you will not be charged any fees as a result of such reimbursement. The money will be visible in the account indicated by you in the Return Form within maximum 30 calendar days from the moment the product reaches us physically.

If you want to replace the product and it meets the conditions for return, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to replace and ship the new product. The shipping cost for the shipment of the desired product will be borne by you, if the amount of value in order to benefit from the free transport is not met (the value of the product /products to be higher than 200 lei).

Cancelled return request

If you have changed your mind and have not handed over the package to the courier or the courier, although he has contacted you twice, has not been able to find you, your return request will be cancelled.