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Loyal to the perfect skin! Out of passion for excellence.

With over 8 years of experience in medicine / aesthetics, with a portfolio of tens of thousands of satisfied customers, with a team of highly trained doctors and with top medical equipment at international level, SkinMed guarantees the quality of the products and services offered.

The highest standards for the most demanding clients, recommendations and treatment / prevention schemes from dermatologists, renowned specialists in skin health and beauty.

The products we sell are professional, exclusive products, purchased only from authorized manufacturers. This makes it impossible to deliver goods of questionable quality or products that are not original.

The guarantee of quality!

We are talking about the brands that we, too, SkinMed doctors, use to maintain the health and beauty of our skin.

We are always innovative and in step with the latest trends in dermato-cosmetics, offering exclusively quality products, to the liking / suitable of all customers.

We address the most demanding customers with leading dermato-cosmetic ranges worldwide. Highest quality products, in the variant of the most affordable prices.

SKINMED SHOP stands out both thanks to the top ranges sold, as well as to the team of professionals ready to recommend you exactly the right products for your skin’s needs.

How are we different from others?

By addressing a demanding public, approaching dermato-cosmetics in a professional manner – rigorous selection of ranges, recommendations of dermatologists-dermatologists (who can be contacted both within the clinic and remotely, thanks to the telemedicine platform), services / procedures that can be performed cumulatively within Skin-Med Clinic (at the recommendations of specialists).

Skin-Med offers you from useful information, tips, tricks (informative articles, webinars, newsletters, etc.), to the best performing products currently sold in Romania!

SkinMed gives you the guarantee that the products meet the highest quality standards and also gives you the guarantee of the possibility of returning them in case something is not suitable for your needs. (see the “Returns Policy” section at the bottom of the page).


“After many attempts in different salons / clinics in the country and abroad, I chose the spearhead technology in permanent hair removal – Soprano Titanium. I had the joy to discover it in Bucharest, at SkinMed. I had heard that it is effective on any type of skin and any type of hair, including tanned skin with blonde strands, but I didn’t know how good it actually is. The permanent hair removal sessions were a pleasant experience – painless, short and with amazing results! I will still go, once a year, for a maintaince session. Also at SkinMed, I discovered another state-of-the-art technology, appreciated worldwide, used in the specialty clinics abroad – Clearlift. It is a rejuvenation laser therapy, usable on any portion of the body including more sensitive areas. The session took about 20 minutes and what amazed be was that the effects lasted for a month, the rejuvenation based on Clearlift being a gradual process of increasing the elasticity and intensifying the lifting effect. Because I am a fan of non-invasive procedures, without a scalpel, I recommend this procedure, the alternative to surgical lifting!”

Anamaria Prodan Reghecampf, FIFA agent, TV producer and model

“After a year since returning from the Dominican Republic, where I participated in the Exatlon Romania Competition 2019, I managed to find the solution to the problems I was having with my skin. Because of the extremely strong sun and the unfavorable conditions in the field, my skin underwent great changes – it had become very dry, I was even starting to develop acne… I tried all kinds of treatments, went to different dermatologists, but without results. I decided to call Skinmed Clinic on the recommendation of a good friend, whom I thank to this day for her help! At SkinMed I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Amalia Anghel, an extraordinary dermatologist, my savior and angel! I had heard that at SkinMed I would find professional people in the field of dermatology, as well as the latest equipment, but my joy was even greater because here I saw for the first time what a professional consultation means – besides the vigilant eye of the doctor, I was given a thorough consultation with Adonia, a procedure that measures almost every parameter of the skin – elasticity, uniformity, level of dehydration etc.. Based on the results obtained with this technology, Dr. Amalia Anghel immediately noticed the problems of my skin and recommended me a treatment program specific to my issues – Clearskin, Oxygeneo and lasers. I am very pleased with the result, so I highly recommend Skinmed Clinic. Each of us deserves quality services and our health is more important than anything else.”

Ana-Maria Cazan, fitness trainer

“I am grateful to SkinMed Clinic and to Dr. Amalia Anghel for all the help she has been giving me for a good few months! I got to the clinic with serious skin problems, with an aging skin from sun / solar exposure and atypical moles. The empathy and professionalism of the SkinMed specialists earned my confidence and convinced me to change some bad habits. I had read a lot about moles and I ended up in the clinic extremely scared. I was thinking about the worst possible scenarios… After I was investigated with Fotofinder and Adonia, technologies that check in depth and in detail the quality of the skin and the moles (of which there are several types), Doctor Amalia Anghel gave me the treatment schedule, so I had to go to the clinic weekly. First she lasered a series of moles from my back, which lasted a few minutes, after I had stayed for about a quarter of an hour with anesthetic cream. I did not feel anything, just some stinging after the effect of the anesthetic cream passed. The next consultation, a new map of moles, is to be made in a few months, to see how the situation evolves. I promised to stop going to the solarium and expose myself very little to the sun, always with high factor sun protection. Then I switched to the depilatory sessions – I started with my arms. Soprano Titanium is by far the best solution – painless, in an extremely short time, the results are amazing. I’ve tried so far in various places and other lasers, the gift that has such results in record time. After the first session, the hair grew hard and slow. I noticed that it was thinned, and after only 3 sessions I told the doctor that there is no point in returning to the clinic for this, because my hair does not grow at all. I understood that even in these conditions I have to continue to do my sessions according to the scheme, so that the hair will never grow again. For legs, for toning and eliminating cellulite, I opted for Accent Prime, a reshaping platform works wonders from the first session – you lose weight in centimeters, it’s pleasant, relaxing. Other problems that we have solved are related to facial and neck aesthetics – wrinkles, open pores, spots also acquired from the sun have disappeared from the magical graces of dr. Anghel, but also of the ClearLift therapy, a modern technology that acts in the subcutaneous tissue to the depths and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, without affecting the epidermis. As soon as it is possible, I will go to do this procedure for the hands – I am obsessed with washing them and I want them to look the same age with my neck and neck.  Thanks you SkinMed, I highly recommend the clinic’s services! It is a place where I already feel at home and that I leave every time feeling younger and happier.”

SoniaTrifan, designer